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Drug Intervention Resources

Treatment Referral - national drug rehab referral

Executive Rehab - drug rehab for executives and professionals

Scripts - drug rehab program for people with prescription abuse

Teen Rehab - teen drug alcohol program with accomadations for the family

Rainbow Recovery - drug rehab progarm for the gay community

Christian-based Rehab - drug rehab program for Christians

Spencer Recovery Centers - chemical dependency & alcohol rehab center

Spencer on the Bay - east coast chemical dependency & alcoholism rehab

Residential Treatment - drug alcohol residential treatment center

California Sober Living - drug rehabilitation center in Southern California

Executive Sober Living -drug sober living home for executives

Drug Abuse Treatment Center - rehab for adults with drug problems located in California

Drug Intervention - provide quality intervention, consulting, and monitoring services

Sober Living - provides you with comfort and companionship of other recovering addicts



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